Armstrong Audio is a London institution with a long history and a unique approach to repair. Co-owned by father and son, Twaleb and Shamil Joomun, the business has been a go-to for audio equipment repair for 40 years.

Armstrong Audio brings a personal touch to all of their work. Rather than viewing devices as a technical challenge to be repaired, or looking at their skillset in a purely transactional way, they make an effort to really understand the love that customers have for their things. Their on-location workshop is a fascinating insight into how these unique items are repaired and a great way to get to know your repairer. The business also boasts an in-house coffee shop where customers can grab a drink or sweet treat when they drop off their broken device.

Images courtesy of Armstrong Audio and Mark A Phillips.

Shamil Joomun at Armstrong Audio

“We are keen audiophiles and believe in a philosophy that it is better to repair something you treasure rather than to replace it with something new.”


You can learn more about the story of Armstrong Audio in our podcast featuring Shamil Joomun. 

Combining nostalgia with the new at Armstrong Audio

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